Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Laundry Kind of Day

DS has been fighting a sinus infection all week; it finally got him down today so there will be no Christmas shopping foray for Mom.

I reckon I'll do some laundry instead....

I do need to make a quick run to Hancock's for a long black (preferable invisible) zipper. Our little church drama troup is doing a skit for enterainment at the Deacon's Christmas Party and, whilst I will hold off on particulars, I will say that I've got to make the Nazgul-looking version of Simplicity 5512 for DD to wear in the, um, production. It doesn't actually close, but I'll want a closure on it so I'm going to seam up the front and stick a zipper in it. There's also a possibility I could have to make a quick pseudo-kilt, although I'm trying to talk the party involved into renting one from the local costume shop instead. I don't have much faith in any local fabric shop having any tartan-looking fabric actually in stock.

The party's a week from tomorrow... ;)

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