Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bought the Ruler

With the 40% off coupon, and including tax, it was about $8.50. Now I won't have to wait until I find the other one to get going on the holiday jacket. All I need now is a chunk of time to cut it out.... with this jacket, I fully expect the cutting out to be about half the time (gotta match those plaids while cutting...).

If Murphy's Law is in action, my old ruler should turn up over the weekend, without even looking for it. I'll find it while doing laundry or vacuming the carpet or some other completely non-sewing-related task....


  1. If your week has been like mine, getting the ruler was the easy part! Finding time to cut out that jacket won't be. Good luck and I hope the ruler does turn up somewhere.

  2. Well, I haven't been able to find mine in months :D So YOU send ME your extra...then mine will turn up and I'll pass it on to the next person who can't find theirs. And on and on. It'll be a quilter/sewist's version of Pay it Forward :D :D