Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Patch Happy

Or maybe I should title this "Reclaiming Blue Jeans?" There was a HUGE pile of to-be-mended jeans monopolizing the sewing nook...not surprising, since I hadn't had time to do any sewing at home for ages. Younger DD can't seem to wear a pair of jeans without ripping the knees out...I had SIX pairs of jeans to patch for her. She even outgrew one pair while it was waiting to be mended. I also had a castaway pair of jeans for older DD that was a puchasing mistake laying around. So, yesterday I just sort of hung out in the laundry/sewing room and cleared the whole lot out. Mostly it was just straightforward patching, but for younger DD I did try to be creative, trimming the jeans in heart and star shapes on a couple of pairs and leaving edges to fray up in the wash...they'll look just like the RTW jeans I saw at Goody's and Burlington's when I was looking for a pair of jeans for her for Christmas. It took just a little longer, but they look very cool and she loved it. I guess that'll make up for letting her wear raggey pants for the last month. Every pair of jeans the child owned had holes in the knees.

Older DD's jeans were a different story; I ended up cutting off the top of them and using it as a yoke in a rather unique skirt...but since I already wrote it up, you can see the review and the picture here:
Salvage Jeans Skirt Reveiw

Today: budget work

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