Monday, November 21, 2005

Parade Priorities

The parade entry will feature the Cratchet family, Angel 2, Scrooge and perhaps one or two townspeople on a float with about ten or so townspeople walking, mingling with the crowd along the route. So that has determined my sewing priority for the little bit I will do this week and all of next week. Grandma Cratchet, having no costume at all, is at the top of the list. If I can at least get the skirt portion of her dress done, she can wear a blouse and a cape w/bonnet and no one will really know the bodice and pelerine are still not done. Miss M sewed the hooks and eyes on the back of the bridal dress to bustle the train up out of the way, so Angel 2's dress is finished...but I still have to find the fake fur trim for her cape. I'll probably go looking at the Hancock's on the other side of town, then check Hobby Lobby. The Hancock's by me did not have white fur in a large enough (2 1/2 yds) piece. There has to be some, somewhere in Huntsville...right?

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