Sunday, November 27, 2005

Missing DeTails

I worked hard yesterday. Put the lining together, got the lining into the jacket and hung the jacket up to make the tails. And hit a brick wall. I had the lining for the tails, but the tail pieces themselves were AWOL. I tore my sewing nook apart and still no tails. Either a) I took them back to church by mistake or b) they fell into the trash can which, having not been emptied since we moved into the house in July, was overflowing and I had DS empty it about a week and a half ago. So if they fell in there, they're gone. I'm hoping to find them at church, but I suspect they've gone to the city incinerator.

The irony is that I happened to glance at the trash can before it was emptied, noted its proximity to the serger table and thought, "It would be really easy for something to fall in there and I wouldn't know it." But there's no other space for it, so I told myself I needed to be careful about what gets left where....

The fabric came from the dollar table at Wally World; I'm already praying that there is one yard left.

I spent the rest of the day boning my bodice, so it wasn't time lost. Just not spent on what I had planned.

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