Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Flying Fur

Got Grandma Cratchit's skirt done; she can wear a sweater under a cape for the parade and no one will be the wiser. So I have moved on to Angel Two's cape, which is from THIS Butterick pattern. It is mostly a deep forest green robe velour...the poly kind that just sticks to you when you get out of the shower. Feels really icky but the color's great. I did find fur, after all. The Hobby Lobby nearest me had just gotten a bolt of some kind of silky fur that is very soft. It looks like fur on one side and curly lamb fleece on the other. However...after I cut it and worked with it to get it on the robe last night, I looked like I'd lost a pillow fight. It shed little feather bits EVERYWHERE. I've got to take the lint roller in today!

I've still got to line the robe...I think. The lining is a grass green (only green they had on the dollar table); I didn't think it would show so I went ahead and got it. After I tried on the unlined robe last night(it's about 4" too long for me...Angel Two is tall), I'm not so sure the collar won't roll back a bit and let the lining show. Gotta make up my mind on that one today. Also have to add the trim around the edge...hand stitching time. Finishing it could yet be an all-day project.

I try to remember to take in the camera and take a picture of the whole thing today.

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