Monday, November 28, 2005

DeTails on De Coat

Ok, so no tails anywhere to be found; while at church yesterday I picked up the little bundle of scraps left from the jacket that we'd folded together and held on to, thinking it could make good patches on Cratchit garments. I was hoping to find enough fabric to piece together to make the tails, but at least I knew I could use a scrap for matching the fabric if I had to go buy more. But...folded in with the scraps...there were the tails! One of the other sewing ladies and I had team-cut the jacket, so I don't know which of us folded it up. Doesn't matter -- I was just glad to see them! I got them lined and attached yesterday; all I have left to do is put on 6 buttonholes and I can hand it off to Mr Sewing Cast Member to finish up.

But, just for the record, I did switch out the trash can in the sewing nook; I now have a trash can with a lid on it in there. ;)

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