Wednesday, January 02, 2019

January Assignment - 12 months, 12 outfits

Janice's picks for January are up. I went through the Hermes scarves again yesterday and found that some of them I'd chosen earlier weren't on the site anymore, so I re-did my guess list. I nailed one -- the scarf for the Brown wardrobe -- and I had two other scarves sort of correct, although I picked the wrong colorway.  I'd picked a scarf for a tan neutral and she used a different colorway of that scarf  and switched Khaki for tan this year.  I had picked a different colorway of the Act III scarf for Gray (So glad she picked one of those!  Such a fun scarf!).  I ALMOST picked the scarf she chose for Black, but ultimately picked a different one with a larger color range. 

That was fun.

So.  Now, how shall I interpret her choices for the first outfit of the year?

She has a pair of basic pants from the anchor color from each wardrobe; all but one has a white short sleeved t shirt...4 out of 5 are the same shirt.  The 5th one is a little dressier...and the last T is the same shirt as the 4 white ones but in black.  The cardigans are all one of the primary accent colors...again, except for that 6th wardrobe, where the cardigan is the anchor color.  But I think that sixth one is going to be a bit of a oddball all year, since the scarf for that wardrobe IS all accent colors.

Loafers and earrings in the accent.'s my assignment for the first month:

Black pants, a white T and a royal blue cardigan.

White T shirts are...difficult...because it is so doggone hard to find white knit fabric that is not nearly transparent.  I've been buying white knits for years, trying to get something suitable.  I think I have one or two pieces that should be safe.

The black and the royal are ready to hand. 

Here we go!


  1. Can’t wait to see your plan sewn up! I was looking at scarves this morning after reading her post. Found one I loved but money is tight now and a scarf is luxury not a necessity.

    1. I hear that! I dunno why they have to be so expensive. Keep an eye on the one you like; it might go on sale at a deep discount (which is the only reason I got the hummingbird scarf). But you can still use that for your wardrobe inspiration; even without the scarf itself, it'll give you a plan for a cohesive wardrobe. ;-)

  2. What a beautiful scarf to base a wardrobe on! Sounds like you're off to a great start, too. Can't to see it evolve.

  3. Looking forward to seeing what you create this year!

  4. I am really looking forward to how you interpret the plan, and how the clothing you choose works with your beautiful scarf...
    re white knit fabric being too transparent, one thing I have read that helps is that you can cut the front and back body pieces doubled and just use a single layer on the arms, which adds stability and opacity without compromising stretch. I know I have made two layer knit tops when doing the Alabama Chanin style stitching, so I can vouch for a two layer top being wearable, though not as far as with white, but you could experiment?

    1. Oh, that's definitely an option! But I think I do have a couple of pieces that are opaque enough to work...we"ll see once I get a chance to dig through the bins..