Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Workwear 28

But first, an update on the 10 year anniversary giveaway...

I went by the post office today and dropped off Marilyn's box and the 4 pattern consolation prizes :-).
That means everyone's prize is in the mail EXCEPT DEBBIE'S.  I still need Debbie to resend her mailing address to tig77LW at yahoo dotcom;  yahoo and I had a bad day about a week ago and the original email with your address apparently disappeared.

The tattersal wool plaid is in a box, waiting on an address.... :-)

But I had a delightful conversation with the mail clerk...who sews and asked for the blog address so she could stop by.  How cool is that? :-)'s work-with-the wardrobe SWAP post...

The Pac B pants, with a mixed-texture T from the Old Version of Coldwater Creek and my turquoise wool gab Vogue 1100  jacket, which I love but seldom wear because it's hard to put with pants.  But I really like this combo; the top matches the button on the jacket and matches the stripes in the pants.

So...I have a new combo.  Win.

No work wear tomorrow...I'll be wearing utility black-and-white, as we're serving an appreciation luncheon for local social workers and others who work with children in foster care or crisis situations.  All church staff become wait staff for this event...which we've been doing for something like 10 years now.  Which is hard to believe... But it's cool to thank some folks who seldom get much appreciation.


  1. I got my box yesterday! (Or... maybe it was the day before.) Thank you! The fabric is wonderful and the pattern very useful (I wear shirts like that ALL the time). I haven't gotten into the book yet, but I anticipate some fun reading time!

  2. I like that combination of colors as well; they look good on you. I really love the idea of a luncheon for those who do social work and foster care in your community. I've done luncheons with lots of different groups but never thought about doing one for this group. What an inspired idea! Hope the Lord blesses you as much as He blesses them by your efforts.

    1. I had forgotten...this was the 10 year for that banquet. There was some reminiscing; the former head of our DHR (the agency that works with families and child care) commented that no one ever came to them and said, 'What can we do for you?' until our pastor walked in 10 years ago with that question. It's always cool to get to say 'Thank You' to someone who really doesn't hear that very much.