Saturday, May 07, 2016

The SWAP photo shoot...

...such as it is.  We are allowed, I think, 15 photos, but I really didn't have that much patience and I didn't want to impose on My Sweet Babboo any more than necessary.

All but 2 garments were in two pictures; I woulda had to repeat a pair of pants to get that second photo of the gray T shirt and gray knit cardi.

But I think there are enough photos to get the idea.

If  I did the math right, I could have 49 unique outfits from this combo, given that I can use the camp shirt as a 3rd layer over the knit shirts.

Anyway's the whole wardrobe:

I wasn't happy with the light on the composite and tried various things to make them all look the same. But I just couldn't get them there...

And a smattering of combos.  For some reason the gray jacket didn't want to play nice today.  I think if I make it again (and I probably will) I will narrow the shoulders a bit.  Or maybe I just need to pull the shoulder pads out after all.  But it honestly looks much better in the mirror.

...and a reminder to my giveaway winners, Debbie and Marilyn...Yahoo has been squirrelly and ate some of my emails.  Including the ones with your addresses.  Could you resend to tig77LW at yahoo dotcom?  Thanks!!!

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