Monday, May 30, 2016

A cover for the round table...

One of the furnishings I wanted to put on the newly remodeled porch was a round patio table...because I figured that would be an inexpensive table...with a glass or metal top, and a tablecloth, to hide the fact that it was a patio table.

We found a suitable table at Costco...not perfect, because it had legs on the perimeter instead of a pedestal/ legs in the center...but for the price, it will do quite nicely until I find exactly what I wanted. 

My standard tablecloth fabric is cotton upholstery's 54 ish inches wide, and it's treated to be stain repellent.

I looked and looked and found ONE fabric that looked suitable on fabricdotcom's website.

I was delighted when it came in...the colors in it are dead perfect for the sunroom.

But, the table is 50" in diameter.  1" waste on each side for the selvedge meant my fabric was only about 52" wide. 

I didn't want a long drop...I hate it when the tablecloth gets tangled up in my knees and gets pulled askew...but 1" on either side just wasn't going to be enough.

So I pieced the  sides, cut a 60" diameter circle and serged the edges.

The pieced seam looks like a crease in this photo...can you find it?  :-) 

I have the pattern well balanced on the cross grain, but when I put it on I realized it really was not possible to balance it well on the lengthwise grain.. it's asymmetric and directional, which I didn't perceive until I put it on the table.

But the colors are so perfect I'm not gong to let that bother me.  It works.

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