Sunday, May 08, 2016

Choir Wardrobe 05/08/16

Choir wardrobe colors for May:  Coral, tan and navy.
The sole me-made garment today is the Sewing Workshop Thai coat, in a white-on-navy pindot that is so tiny it reads navy.  Which is good.

And it literally looks like I threw myself together, jumped in front of the camera, and took the photo...then ran back to what I was doing without even checking to see if things were hanging right.

Which is pretty much what I did.  It was a busy day. ;-).

Navy blue sleeveless cotton sweater shell from Lands' End,  some no-name bootcut jeans and a coral and tan scarf that I happened upon in, of all places, a Hallmark shop.

I had a couple of folks ask me if I was emulating Stevie Nicks today.

Works for  me.

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