Thursday, October 25, 2007

Zipper Stall

I've been working on the Weekenders...well, on one Weekender, anyway. I'm using the red and yellow upholstery fabric I talked about Here. Didn't pre-wash's polyester, right?

And I have discovered that the yellow threads (just the yellow ones, mind you) shrink when I press them hard w/the iron set on polyester. They're melting slightly. So I'm making one bag, which was going to be mine from the beginning anyway, to work the kinks out of sewing this stuff, then I'll do the other one, which will be a Christmas gift. I've got mine done to the lining, and it doesn't look too bad, shrinking yellow thread notwithstanding. I've got the design running three different ways (horizontal on the bag, vertical on the straps, and diagonal on the external pockets I added) that it kinda keeps the bumpies from the uneven shrinkage camouflaged.

I'm *really* glad I didn't try to make a jacket out of it. (shudder)

But, the first thing that's done on the lining is the zippered pocket. And I have two 7" red zippers and one 22" red zipper. No yellow zippers at all. The pocket needs a 9" zipper. looks like a trip to Hancock's today to pick up a couple of zippers, and I'll shop for the buttons too.

Oh, and Hancock's just so happens to have Vogue and Butterick patterns on sale right now.

I've got my list. :)

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