Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fabric In, Fabric Out

I had a coupon for 10% off a total purchase at Hancock's so I had to make a trip. I needed some more Peltex for Weekender bag bottoms, some serger thread, and DD is going to need a white dress for an honor event this summer. 5 yards of double-edge eyelet ought to make her *some* kind of nice white dress...haven't decided what, yet.

But, after reading the article on sewing w/upholstery fabric in the current Threads, I went back to look at the upholstery remnants. I have one of my niece's names for Christmas this year, and thought I'd just glance over it to see if I could find a funky print to make a Weekender for her. Sure enough, there were two or three pieces there that might do, and I probably should've gotten one, but my hands were full and I was having trouble juggling my already-cut Peltex and eyelet to look the pieces over good (I should've grabbed a shopping basket). But one piece demanded my attention and...I admit it, I was smitten...I got it for me. It's 100% polyester, so I can wash it, and I found out that one of the clerks had just put it on the table a few minutes before I got there:

I've got 2 3/8 yards of it. Now, to be completely truthful, it looked very orange in the store, and I was thinking I could use it for choir this month. But once I got it home, in different light, it really is more red than orange. I thought I'd make a jacket from it...and I still might...but it would make a smashing Weekender, too. Decisions, decisions....

But once I got home, I went to work on the Wild Butterfly Thai Coat, just to keep as close to parity as I can...and because I need to wear it this weekend! It *is* orange enough to work, if it is a little on the boisterous side:

This is our anniversary weekend at church, so we are having an extra service tonight. HMC is joining the choir again, so I'll likely be next to DS of the Rolling Eyes once more. This coat is sure to generate some eye-rolling from him....


  1. I love the colors of the fabric - maybe you can squeeze out a jacket and a smaller bag?

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