Monday, November 14, 2005

Pattern Envy

Well, maybe 'envy' is a little strong...perhaps 'wistfulness' would be a better word. :)
I wasn't one of the hundreds who swamped Hot Patterns with pre-orders; I knew my late fall sewing time would be consumed by Scrooge and there just wasn't any reason to order patterns that would sit around and sing a siren song the whole time I was busy with other things. And, in all honesty, perhaps the person who will receive the patterns that I might have ordered will get them made up quickly and be happy. But I am watching the reveiws begin to trickle in and I'm wishing...just a little...that I had both a pattern and some time to play with it. Right now I'm leaning toward getting the Pirate Queen Swashbuckling Pants Suit and/or the Wong-Singh-Jones Sari Tuxedo Shirt. There are a couple of things in the Miss Moneypenny collection that really appeal to me, too, but I suspect I've got some things very similar to those already in the pattern stash. DH was shaking his head, wondering what the big deal is with these patterns, and my reply was that they are highly fashionable, which is one thing, but the really big deal, to me, is that they come in three size ranges for three body types. It's going to be interesting to see the reviews to see how well these patterns really do fit the body types for which they are marketed. Personally, I'm a Glamour Girl with narrow shoulders...I think.

Ah, well, something to look forward to trying after the holidays have come and gone and life has settled down somewhat. Maybe by then, the Hot Patterns people will have cleared out the backlog and be taking orders again.


  1. Hi, I hope my Hot Patterns will arrive early next week. I sent email to Jeremy since I had no response from my 11/1 email. I got a quick response saying two of my patterns were available and third was not. I requested they send me the two that were since it was implied that was what they were going to do from an earlier post. Later that day I got a voice mail on cell phone that they were shipped and a tracking #. So hopefully yours will be arriving soon. You might try sending a personal email again. Squeeky wheel gets attention.

  2. No, Linda, you misunderstood my post...I haven't ordered any HP yet. I'm just musing over them and looking forward to the shipping opening up again so I can ;)

    But I hope yours come soon, you make them quick and enjoy them much!