Friday, June 07, 2013

Tweaking RTW

Every once in a while, I get out in the retail world and actually buy stuff.  Sometimes it's even stuff I could make.

After all, as I've heard quoted somewhere, even Julia Child went out to eat every now and then.

Today's foray into the world of seasonal mega sales netted me a pair of white jeans, black shorts, a blue sweater shell, a white knit tank top and the photographed lace shell.

The actual objectives of my hunt were white jeans and a sleeveless white or cream sweater shell.

Apparently the kind of sweater top I had in mind is dead out of fashion; I couldn't find any.  So I started looking for alternate simple white tops to wear under jackets.  The tank top I found was a pretty substantial knit...not quite a fine gauge sweater knit but almost.  However, I found this on the clearance rack; after the additional sale markdown it was a fuzz over 20 bucks.

Now, it obviously needs a good press, but it needs a little help too.  I've already replaced the button on the back; it's a button-loop closure and the loop was really snug on the button.  It didn't help that it was a covered button...covered with the lace, believe it or it was lumpy and draggy as well as being nearly too big.  It was a trick to get the loop off the button so I could try it on; there was no buttoning it back behind my neck.  But, y'know, I have a button stash, so I brought it home and switched that puppy out for a slick little button that I think I can manage.

Then I noticed the black labels.

That totally show right through the organza-like lining and the lace (you can see the shadow of the rather large care label on the right side just up a bit from the lower edge).

But, you know, I really don't need care labels; I'm pretty well used to washing clothes that do not have them.  So they will also come out.

A little touch with the steamer and this RTW top will be about as good as made-at-home. :-p

Also, I'm seeing a great resemblance between this top and Simplicity 2599. I have some black lace yardage in the stash.  Once I finish adjusting that pattern I might just try a little copy action... ;-)


  1. Copying this little top would be a great idea - I just love the lacy look of this one! The hemline looks really attractive. And I am also a label cutter - nothing worse than seeing them through an outfit, or worse still, hanging out for the world to see...J

    1. My first impression was that this top was cut on the cross grain, with the loopy bits of the lacey selvage as the hem. But there's actually a fringy trim sewn on the bottom...

  2. Oh, and I cut off the clear elastic hanger loops, too. No need for them with this top, and all they would do would be to hang out of the armholes...