Monday, June 03, 2013

Choir Wardrobe 6-3-13

Yesterday was a long day; from the pre-service choir practice to the end of the post-service extended worship, including accompanying my high school girls class to the membership seminar, it was over 12 hours.

12 good hours, but, well, 12 hours is still 12 hours and I was all in when I got home. month, new wardrobe colors.  This month is yellow, coral and gray.  I've got on my yellow sweatery knit Simplicity 2603.  This is the top that disappeared last summer and finally resurfaced when I did the seasonal clothing switch; somehow it had gotten mixed in with the fall/winter items.  It is the ONLY yellow top in my wardrobe; I'm not all that fond of wearing yellow but I was glad to find it.  The cardi is the Jalie 2919 draped front cardigan; I think this was the 2nd of about 4 (so far) iterations.  I've come to the conclusion that this may not be the most flattering cardi shape for me, but it's so easy to wear that I will probably go ahead and make more just the same.

Lee boot cuts.  Someday I will tackle making jeans...


  1. Lisa
    You may have explained this in a previous post, but am I to understand that your church choir changes its wardrobe colors every month? Who chooses these very distinct color combinations, and does everyone show up in these colors? If there is story that I missed, just point me to the blog post.

  2. I mention it every now and then; doesn't hurt to rerun for folks who are late to the story. ;-)

    But you just gave me the idea to make the explanation into it's own post and then link it up on the sidebar so that others can find it; I'll try to do that tomorrow. ;-)