Sunday, June 30, 2013

Choir Wardrobe 63013

I made My Sweet Baboo take this before we left the house this morning; that Vogue 1055 over blouse is linen and I knew it'd be all wrinkled and tired by the time we got home ;-)

It really is a pure coincidence that it is such a close color match to the knit Vogue 2925 top underneath, but I'm really glad it matches up since coral has been a regular summer wardrobe color for several years now.  I would never have put it in my wardrobe otherwise, but I think I'm getting used to it.  Sometimes I even wear it when it's not a Sunday...

This pair of Lee bootcuts is marked 'Short', but every time I put them on I wonder if that was a mislabel; I've got to wear shoes with at least 1 1/2" heel with them; right now my feet are bothering me and wearing any heel at all costs something. But I wore the cool sparkly silver sandals with the heel anyway.   Paying for it tonight.  Wonder where I put that foot spa?

I did try something new and different today; I put one contact lense in and left the other eye uncorrected in my DIY- version of monovision.  I can read just fine uncorrected, but my arms are simply too short to read anything with glasses or contacts in.  So I either wear my glasses, and pull them off to do any reading (and consequently wander off and forget where I left them), or I have to wear reading glasses with my contacts.   Trying to get away from that hassle, I decided to try monovision.  It wasn't too bad, except going down the road.  I wasn't driving, which was why I decided to try it,  but I don't know that I will ever get adjusted to it enough to actually drive.  But it didn't bother me in choir or trying to do my weekly data entry, so I may actually give it a serious go.  Seeing as how I have a six month supply of daily disposable lenses, and both eyes use the same prescription, I might as well...

I am going through serious sewing withdrawals; but there doesn't look to be any chance to get behind the machine for at least another couple of weeks.  I hope I'm wrong...

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  1. Such a flattering colour on you - looks super with the 'short' jeans...J