Thursday, March 14, 2013

Work Wear 5

The Rumpled Pants edition...I am attributing the bagginess to the end-of-the-day factor and static electricity; sitting at my desk all day has obviously bagged them out.  I didn't notice the baggy until I looked at the photo.  Sigh.  La Fred's Daphne pants, made from a fairly light (for pants, anyway) cotton/lycra sateen.

But this is another 'I never put this together' moment.  The top is Butterick 4387, which is assuredly out of print, made from a 'slinky' knit I got from Emma Seabrooke about a hundred years ago at the Atlanta sewing Expo.  It really isn't what I'd call 'slinky'; it's kind of a crepe-y poly knit.  I loved the colors but, you know, circle prints are really difficult to wear due to the 'bulls eye effect'.  I did the best I could when I was cutting it out, but clothes do shift somewhat as they're worn and I just didn't want to end up with circles where I didn't want 'em.  So the top hung in the closet long enough that I was beginning to consider putting it in the donate bag.

Then, this morning, I had a flash of inspiration.  I could put a vest on...and then who cares where the circles happen to be at any given moment? 

I declare, that Burda WOF vest is probably my single most worn wardrobe item...

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