Monday, March 11, 2013

Poppies, Poppies...Part 5

I took the prototype skirt into the costume shop today; I wanted to see how it looked with the crinoline under it.

We found the box with the red crinolines in it and were quite disappointed when we pulled them out and found that they were basically just nylon net real pouf at all.

But there was a green crinoline...mutiple ruffly we pulled that out and put it under the skirt.

Yes!   One of the other ladies on the poppies team is going to go online and see if she can find 5 more green crinolines.

However, the consensus was that we need some wire support along the edge of the top layer petals.  I looked at one of the local big box hardware/lumber/home stuff stores but couldn't find something fine enough.  Hancock's didn't have anything, either, although I did get some Peltex (R) to reinforce the waistbands.

The costuming leads also want a little more pouf under the center part of the petals; not sure what we'll do with that just yet; gotta get the petals themselves engineered out first.

However, the general pattern shapes got a thumbs up, so one of the other ladies took a copy of the patterns and an armload of fabric to do some cutting out.

And...well, since there was no practice tonight (strep throat has hit the cast hard), there were no castmembers available to model the skirt, so I pulled the crinoline on over my jeans, then wrapped the skirt around myself, holding the back we could see how it looked.  I'm sure I was a SIGHT.  And, wouldn't you know,  the theater director came in with some guests, who saw me in the whole getup.  They all laughed, and the gentleman in the party said, 'That had better be a flower!'  

Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me, so I can't share that sight with you.  Here's the skirt laid out on the floor, proving that it was all together before I take it apart to wire the top petals...

But, alas, I have overdue office work home with me tonight; I'm going to be playing data entry catch up instead of sewing tonight...


  1. Thanks Lisa, for all of your hard work. Those Poppies are going to be a fantastic asset to The Wiz!

    1. Thank you, Madame Costume Mistress! ;-) I am enjoying this; just wish I had more time available...