Thursday, October 29, 2009

Down Time

Ok, not to wander into TMI territory, but you all know that there are...unpleasant...things one must do after passing one's 50th birthday in order to insure that everything is still working as it should, with no uglies forming in dark recesses to cause problems later.

So, right slap in the middle of the costuming, I have to stop and deal with one of these events tomorrow.

Which means I'm home today, um, getting ready for said event, but not really up to doing anything of import.

So I'm catching up on some of my blog-and-boards reading and getting myself all psyched up to sew some marvelous things...

I need a coat! I need a silk blouse (I have two lovely pieces of silk to turn into blouses at the first available moment)! I still want to do the brown BWOF jacket, which is traced and ready to muslin...I have some lovely knits that would make such nice work shirts...I have the Jalie jeans pattern, and some stretch denim...

But, no such thing today. Looking ahead, probably no such thing until at least Thanksgiving, unless I'm very creative with my time use. And December is not a month to crawl in the Nook and sew. I tell ya, I'm about ready to declare January and February as 'Lisa Sews for Lisa!' season.

Wonder if I could do a SWAP this year? I haven't done one since '06...I could use a fresh wardrobe


  1. Reading between the lines, the prep is the worst part! Hope all goes well.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful compliment on my jacket.

  3. Best of luck! Due to health reasons I've had three done in the last five years. It's not so bad really... okay I'm sort of lying... the prep is awful! But hte process is nothing..

  4. I was looking into swaps of a different kind just last night. I love them and it's so fun to get things isn't it?

    Ummm can I add a few things to your list of things you need. :)

    I'm praying for your whatever tomorrow. Try not to worry about it.

  5. Nancy's right...the prep is the worst part. After they start the IV, it's just a nap...

    and, for the record, everything is fine and I don't have to do it again until age 60 :)

  6. However, they do tell you not to do anything that requires careful thought or manual dexterity for the rest of the day.

    So I've lost another sewing day.

    (and if you'd seen how many typos I had to go back and fix, you'd agree that it probably is for the best...)

  7. Glad it went well ! If it's the unmentionable I think it is, it showed up in our family about 7 years ago and we're all tested regularly. You'd think, in this day and age, they'd improve the prep process.

    I foolishly thought there would be no after effects but forgot that I react pretty strongly to medication. The demerol had me loopy for 2 days. I provided a lot of entertainment at work the next day LOL ! For the second one, I got smart and booked 2 days off !