Saturday, October 17, 2009

Broke a Hundred...

The sale at Fabric Mart got me. In all fairness, I had to order some of the white cotton/lycra knit they had to use for costuming and, well, once you're paying shipping...and fabric must not travel alone...anyway, I also purchased a bee-you-tiffle piece of multi-colored mini-houndstooth plaid tropical weight wool that says along the selvedge ' merino wool super 100's'. It feels heavenly. Must that into something fabulous...soon...(oh, I'm trying! Really!)

So it's more than a hundred yards in. And less than 40 out. That's truly sad...I need to revamp my purchasing to better reflect my available time. It's a paradigm shift I haven't made yet.

(Yeah...something else in the queue of things that 'I haven't made yet'...)

But the reason I'm not making some things is that I AM making others. I have the bridesmaid's skirt done to the point I need to check the fit; I'm taking the waistband to church tomorrow and fitting that, then I'll adjust the gathers in the skirt (which is finished to the waistband) to match. Then I have to hand the skirt over to the lady that made the rest so she can trim it to match the rest of them.

And I can cross that off my list and get back to costume sewing. Need to get the knit cut into leggings and dyed...except that I'm still not 100% sure what colors we will be using. The kids need to order their shoes...

Oh, one other little thing...when I stopped by Hancock's to pick up the zipper for the skirt, I stumbled across a very pretty piece of poly blend burnout fabric that was crying to be a scarf. It happened to be predominantly burnt orange...which is one of this month's choir I brought it home.

Turned it into two scarves, that was just a long rectangle w/serger rolled edges, and the other was a scarf I've been wanting to make since I saw it in Threads about 14 years ago. The review is up with a photo; I'm too lazy to upload it here.

But it may very well show up on tomorrow's choir post... ;)

At least that fabric went into the 'out' column the same week it showed up on the 'in' side!


  1. Wow! 100 yards of fabric for you with only 40 out is alot of difference. I'm glad to know that I'm in good company! :)

  2. Sigh. It just took me too long to put the brakes on the acquisition after the job kicked in. Funny thing is, now that I'm working, I actually NEED the clothes that I'm itching to make! Just can't find time!

    Now I'm off to work on that skirt for the bridal attendant...the wedding's Friday...