Sunday, October 11, 2009

Choir Sundays 09 # 38

Wow, I didn't know that orange popped quite that much...must be the flash..

Anyway, this month's choir colors are burnt orange, tan and brown w/blue jeans.
I'm wearing the Coldwater Creek bootcuts, and a lacy tan sweater that I bought when we wore khaki for our summer base color (2006?) and forgot about until I cleaned the closet last week. The brown top is Jalie 2682; I need to make a couple tops with sleeves from that pattern!

But the scarf...not too long ago, I was shopping in an outlet store and checked out the scarf rack. There were any number of solid jersey scarves, which were just rectangles cut straight from the bolt w/ no edge finish whatsoever. I'm guessing they were about 8" wide and 1 1/2 yards long...and selling for $6 each.

Well, I have a couple of orange tops in the queue...when I cut 'em out, I made sure to leave all the excess fabric along one edge...trimmed it to about 8" wide, nicely squared and, voila! A basically free scarf for choir!

It isn't quite as bright in real life. Really. ;)

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