Sunday, October 18, 2009

Choir Sundays '09 #39

This month's colors: brown, tan and/or burnt orange w/ blue jeans. I thought about wearing the new smoke ring scarf, but decided that, since I was wearing a turtleneck top already I'd wear the oblong scarf that I cut from the I have two very different scarves from the same fabric. Probably a good thing since it looks like we'll be doing this color combo every fall. Wonder how many folks will just assume I'm tying the same scarf differently?

It's over a top made from the bamboo jersey Hancock's had a couple of years ago; soft, warm and easily stretched out to shapelessness ;). If I remember right, I used my Loes Hinse Cowl top, switching the big floppy cowl for a turtleneck from an OOP Kwik Sew pattern. The jeans are the Lee boot cuts...I *really* wish I could find time to fit one of my jeans patterns... ;)

ETA: I just realized that this is the 3rd week of October...that's the Fall Quarter Blogging Break! So I'll see you next Sunday!


  1. The kitten is really growing. They really enjoy being in pictures, don't they?

  2. She's probably doubled in size since we got her; we'd just gotten home from church, so she was all about saying hello. ;) She's a lot of fun and we're enjoying her.

  3. Love those autumn colours! You look fab!

  4. Great fall colors - the choir must look great!

    Your little kitty is sure growing up - she's so cute.