Sunday, October 04, 2009

Choir Sundays 09 #37

This Month's Colors: Brown, tan or burnt orange w/jeans.

Sigh. You're going to see a lot of brown this month, since I look pretty bad in either tan or burnt orange...

But I wore the Lee bootcut jeans with my Jalie makeshift twinset...the cardigan from Jalie 2566 and the tank top from Jalie 965, both from some wonderful rayon/lycra knit I got from Gorgeous Fabrics.

You might remember I wanted to make a brown jacket for this month...well, the Burda WOF pattern is traced; maybe I can get the muslin tested this week (fall break; the kids have gone to their grandma's for a few days). I *might* get it done by the end of the month...unless the costume sewing Takes Over My Life... we'll see.

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