Sunday, March 10, 2013

Choir Wardrobe 0310

March choir colors are navy, tan and a range of greens (officially anything between Pantone's  'Emerald Green' and 'Grayed Jade", but, in actuality, anything with a greenish tint seems to be fair game);  I pulled out my green silk blouse #117 from the Aug 2009 issue of Burda magazine and put it with RTW  Navy Jacket and jeans.  For some reason I decided to let my hair do it's own thing's really not cut for that; I need layers if I'm going to let it go natural.  Otherwise, it's Frizzville.  But, on the plus side, it was quick to do and on Daylight Savings Sunday, that's golden.

And...lookie, it's a completed project!  The first garment to come out of my sewing nook since something like September.  I had been working on it, like, ten minutes at a time for forever, and it was close enough to done that I just went ahead and finished all the machine work before I switched the thread over to red for the poppies, and I put the buttons on last night.  It's Westcoat 108 from the May 2009 Buda.  It's made from a 'What???' fabric bought online, which was listed as a stretch poly charmeuse.  Well, it was a heavy satin...and I do mean heavy. Every time I flipped it onto a sewing table it hit with an audible slap.  Not pleasant to sew.   I'd already had one wadder from it a year ago; this was my attempt to get SOMETHING wearable from the rest.  It has lycra in it; I lined it with a blue poly/lycra charmeuse and put it together with the matte side of the fabric out, using the shiny side for the lapels.  Of course, I decided to do that just before I sewed the darts on the fabric, so the facings were all sewn shiny side out, too, since I put the facings together first.  And I sewed at least one of the construction seams with the shiny side as the good side and had to unpick it.  But perseverance finally paid off and it is DONE!

And I've probably got another 40ish minutes of work to do on the poppy skirt to get it to an evaluateable state, so I'm off.  Hopefully I'll have photos of the prototype tomorrow...

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