Friday, March 15, 2013

Back Captcha

Sigh.  A few months back, wanting to facilitate comments, I turned the 'please prove you're not a robot' word verification off.  Everyone hates it, and the general consensus amongst the blogging community seems to be that it inhibits free commenting from real people.

I moderate the comments anyway, so I decided I could deal with eliminating the daily spam-bot posts from folks posting near gibberish wanting me to 'visit my site' if it would mean that real commentors could leave messages easier.

But I did not see an increase in real comments.

I would be ok with that, too, were it not for the fact that the spam bots have gotten nasty.

I love you, my faithful, real, occasionally commenting fellow sewing enthusiasts, but I do not want that garbage before my eyes.  The latest one didn't even land in the spam file, but in the regular comment section.

So, in the interest in keeping my blood pressure down, I have turned the captcha back on.

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience...


  1. I've never had a problem proving that "I am not a robot" but I don't have a blog either. Many times I don't comment on blogs, but just cruise, as I don't feel as if I could add anything of import or no additional comments were necessary. So for what it's worth . . . .

    1. Oh, I don't mind doing it, but when they went from the word verification to the captcha w/ the goofy photos and such, the buzz seemed to be that it's really hard to read. I have problems reading it myself, so I understand the frustration. Ya gotta WANT to say something... and I'm not a big time commentor either, so I understand that side, too. But there were folks who observed that they would not leave comments if captcha was turned on, so I thought I'd give it a go without it. At least I can say I tried... ;-)

  2. Yep, captcha's a pain, but spam is worse !
    So, do what you have to do -)
    These days, I'm barely keeping up with the reading, never mind commenting.
    I'm enjoying hearing about your poppies, though. Looking forward to the end result.