Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two down

If I can get my thoughts coherent enough to share, I'll post about the women's conference on the faith blog. Here, I'll just Paradigms shifted.

But My Sweet Baboo and I had other duties today, so we weren't in choir. So I got to wear whatever I wanted to church today. ;-)

I actually wore something I never thought I'd wear to church...the six yard skirt. That skirt was never meant to be a fashion was strictly for comfort in a specific situation...long car rides.

But, I got the idea to pair it with the new Coldwater Creek jacket. And, you know, it worked. I even got several compliments on it.

Hm. Maybe I should check the stash for another six-yard chunk of cotton fabric...

Meantime, sewing a few minutes here and there, I managed to finish the purple shirts, so the thread has been changed and I'm on the black things now...

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