Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Patterns in...

So Hancock's had a Labor Day Sale.

And I needed some thread for the projects I'd just cut out.

Before I went, I checked the patterns that were on sale and grabbed my on-going list. Vogue patterns had been on sale for 3.99 each for three days; by Monday afternoon, of the five patterns on my list, only one was still available in my size.

No matter. I'm looking at it just for inspiration : Vogue 1117. I have some marvelous black silk sateen that I got from Louise Cutting at last year's Expo that is waiting for a perfect Little Black Dress pattern. I think this is it. Now the perfect LBD pattern just has to wait on me to loose ten pounds or so...although I'm somewhat surprised that this pattern is only rated average in difficulty, with all those inside corners and a full lining. It's pretty intimidating. But, ooo la laaaa, won't it be fabulous!

I picked up a couple of Simplicity top patterns, too: 2852 and 3624. I'm looking for some tunic-length knit tops that do not have the dreaded maternity-look and I'm hoping one of these will do the trick. However, I believe both of them have reviews in which they have been treated as maternity tops. :/ On a skinny little thing w/no tummy, I don't think these would be a problem. Unfortunately, that description hasn't fit me since about 1990...and I wouldn't have agreed to it then. We'll see.

I picked up a couple of patterns for the Flute player that might or might not get made up; one needs some adjustment to make it workable and the other is borderline cutesy. Not sure I would've gotten them if she'd've been with me to veto, but, well, they were two bucks each and I grabbed 'em. 2665 is a junior-sized pattern that I have overlooked because of the cheesy hot pink hot pants outfit, but on closer inspection it has a cute top in it...and if I changed the zipper in the pants to ANYTHING but that icky exposed version they wouldn't be bad. 4106 is still a girls-size, but I think the gathers on the top would make it work for a small junior, too. I like the tunic...

Finally, I picked up a costume pattern. Don't's the Jack Sparrow costume for kids, Simp. 3644. But, if we *ever* do Scrooge again, and if we *ever* costume Scrooge's childhood properly, this is exactly what we need for the shirt and vest those late 18th century boys would have worn. And those are hard to find in kids sizes. So I grabbed it. Just in case.

Didn't go near the sewing machine today; I hope to do a little sewing tomorrow but that will be it for the rest of the weekend. Our women's conference begins at church tomorrow night and it's going to go all weekend.

I'm really looking forward to's gonna be good. ;)


  1. Oooo, Vogue 1117 will be fabulous in black silk sateen!!!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! I cannot wait to see it on you! I hope you are truly blessed during your women's conference! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Regarding that icky exposed zip on the flute player's pattern, that nasty thing shows up on a few other Simplicity patterns. Most notably, my daughter's TNT skirt pattern. I have changed that pattern to a regular centered zipper application. It looks much better and is easier to do. The zipper stops at the top of the waistband and has a tab and button underneath for extra security. I've also thought about moving the zipper to the side seam or center back seam and putting in an invisible. I think I'm going to do that with one of her winter church skirts this year.