Friday, September 25, 2009

Petard Fabrication

The three kids doing Compleat Works are going to need leggings...we haven't definitely decided on colors yet, but they will be bright solids like purple, yellow, green, or red, depending upon which color of Chuck Taylors we find to fit the kids...the leggings will be the same color as their shoes.

But I have been visiting all my usual supply houses, and the colors of the season appear to be muted and muddy. Nice clear colors such as we will need for this show are hard to come by. I was despairing.

Then I had a Brain Flash...we could buy white knit and dye it. Get the fabric, cut the leggings out, then dye 'em and sew up up with thread that matches after the dye job.

I dunno what those leggings will sell for at a dancewear shop, but I'm willing to bet I can make 'em a bunch cheaper.... ;)


  1. Ooooo! Buy white Chucks and dye them, too! That way they'll totally match.