Sunday, September 20, 2009

Choir Sundays 09 #35

Well, this is the best of three poor photos today... I was slow getting around this morning and had to wear my glasses; it was late before we got home after church and dinner and kids' puppet practice; I'd had a tangle with a door while carrying a nearly full can of Coke and was wearing a good bit of it; and somehow the hem of my jacket got hiked up and nobody noticed. Oh, well, keeps me humble, right?

Anyway, this month's colors are purple, silver and/or black w/blue jeans, so I wore my Lee bootcut jeans with a Christine Jonson's Basewear 2 top in a purple/black print cotton/lycra jersey from EOS that I made about 4 years ago and Loes Hinse's Bistro Jacket that's also about 4 years old, in a herringbone rayon/poly suiting from Hancock's.

Four years. I dunno if that means I've made good classics or if I need to get back in the sewing room in the worst way.

Or both. ;)

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