Sunday, October 26, 2008

Choir Sundays 08 #33

This Month's colors:Tan, brown or burnt orange w/jeans

Sigh. I own no burnt orange; my browns are all warm-weather choices...the tan shirts are from the back of the closet when we last wore tan and black in choir a couple of years ago. Not my favorite color combo! In the mom jeans and flats(back trouble keeping my heels close to the ground this week), not to mention the paste-colored tan RTW top from years past,I look like I'm heading out to climb on the tractor or something; the only thing that saves the look is the McCall's 5191 jacket in the embroidered eyelet denim...which continues to garner compliments.

Burgundy next month! Much better... :)


  1. Hello Lisa,

    I have been looking around at sewing blogs for a while and ran across yours. Rocket City, USA. I think we may be neighbors! Email me - I'd love to chat!


  2. Okay I'm dying to know why you would pick colors that you don't like! Is there a story to this color rotation? Does the church assign the colors for the choir to wear? I vote that you at least make yourself a burnt orange scarf to give yourself a pop of color!!

  3. The choir directors pick the colors. It's based on what would blend well on the TV cameras (we're videotaped and broadcast locally and overseas). Sometimes there's a color/combination that just isn't one of my favorites...I'm a 'cool' season, and those warm things like tan and orange don't really do anything for me.

    But we're wearing burgundy next month, and red in December, so I'm ok for the next couple of months ;)