Monday, June 16, 2008

Flying Needle Saturday

If you watched around the edges (i.e, the pattern reviews), you probably realized that I made...from throwing the fabric on the table to finished garments...two knit tops and a little jacket on Saturday. I didn't realize my personal sewing mojo was so keen...I gave it a couple of days and got 4 garments done!

The jacket you can see on yesterday's Choir Sunday post; I didn't update the review since I didn't really have any new info to add.
Both of these tops came out of ONE YARD of fabric! (I'm so proud of myself). I had to alter the Jalie pattern; it is supposed to have a cut-on lined front, but I didn't have enough fabric, so I added a seam allowance and turned the edges under. It worked...and I realized what a great use-that-last-bit of fabric pattern this is going to be. The pieces are short enough that they can work around bigger pieces on the folds. DD may very well get several of these....

One thing that has struck me funny, though, is the number of comments I had about the color. I usually avoid orange like you wouldn't believe, but this has enough red in it that I can sort of get away with it. Since this is the second year we've used orange in choir, I thought it would be worthwhile to go ahead and see if I could get something in the wardrobe that's usable....


  1. Wow - that was quick! Both are cute, and yes, the color does suit you.

  2. You just amaze me how talented you are!! How awesome would it be to sew clothes?!?! I need to start to learn. That would just be GREAT!!!! OH...and orange is one of my favorite colors to wear!! Have a great week!
    Love ya,