Sunday, June 15, 2008

Choir Sundays 08 #18

This month's colors: Yellow, orange or green tops w/blue jeans

Jacket: Vogue 8398, from embroidered rayon/linen purchased at JoAnn's in Cool Springs, Tn, last month. I've still got a yard an a half left; I'll get something for DD from it. I had to make the jacket, after I saw how well it matched the

Top: Vogue 2925, from modal/lycra that's been in the stash for a couple of years. Looks like they were made for each other, no?

(same ol' Lee dark rinse jeans...)
Yeah, I had the sewing machine humming yesterday! Hopefully that got the bee out of my bonnet and I can refocus on the remaining pirate items. ;)


  1. That color is great on you. Very nice pairing of fabrics and patterns, too.

  2. I agree about the colour. My first thought was how flattering this was to you and that it must be one of "your colours".

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE this color AND style on you. Great job!!! Hope you guys had a great Father's Day!!!
    Love ya,

  4. Another vote for the color on you! You look great!

  5. What a fabulous looking outfit! Love your new bolero jacket!