Friday, October 19, 2007

Next 6 monts of Choir

Now that I know what's coming down the road, I can make some wardrobe plans! Maybe even a SWAP...we'll see...

Anyway, the colors are:

November - Black and burgundy
December - Black and red
January - Black and royal blue
February - Black and white
March - Black and green (that's a mossy green)
April - Black and either lavender or purple

(See why I sew so much black?)

The most expensive of my Sir's Splurge purchases was a black/burgundy $2.99/yd (it's on the far right in the fourth photo down at the link). As soon as I saw that yes, we really were going to use burgundy next month I threw it in the washer. I was guessing it had some rayon in it, but it wasn't the least bit boardy when I pulled it out of the washer, so the rayon content is little if any. It fuzzed up slightly in the trip through the laundry; not enough to matter. I'm probably going to make some really quick little jacket (I'm thinking Loes Hinse; dunno which one) with it Very Soon. I also picked up some burgundy slinky that I may turn into another Cityscapes Dress; I've done just a wee bit of tweaking to the shoulders and it'd be fine to check it w/that inexpensive piece (on the far left in the fourth photo down on the link).

But...royal blue in January! That's my favorite color in the whole world; I've got a BUNCH of royal blue in the stash that I haven't made because...well, I needed other stuff for choir. Now I'm just hoping I get the chance to sew up a couple of things before the new year.

And, oh yeah, somewhere in there I've got to do the Trench Coat...

And I'm off today and tomorrow to sew at church. Oh, well, I can think about what's coming while I'm cranking out Bible robes... ;)

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