Saturday, May 12, 2007

So much for parity...again....

Miss A and I are headed up to Sir's Fabrics this morning, where they reportedly are running a '$1 off per yard of any fabric over $2.99' sale for the month of May.

I'm mostly looking for linings, but I'll report back on new purchases later... ;)

Wow. So much for parity is right...I almost DOUBLED my fabric in column today; I added 49.25 yards. But, wow, it was good!

First, I have to own up to a purchase from Hancock's on Thursday. I got all the fixings for PJ's new medieval gown (everything but the thread and the zipper was on sale...32 bucks and change for the whole thing. Can't beat that with a stick), and I had to go check out the upholstery table, since all the upholstery remnants were on sale for $3.50/yd (half price).

The brown/tan piece on the bottom is the one I'd looked at last week and passed up. At 50% off, I couldn't pass it up again. It will probably be either/both a Loes Hinse Weekender bag or/and a HotPatterns LaRue bag...but I could turn it into a topper coat. We'll see. The green jacquard already has interfacing fused to it and will be a jacket (I think), and I believe the large houndstooth will also be a boxy little jacket. It's cottony and drapey.

The first thing I grabbed at Sir's was three pieces of very nice, drapey poly chiffon. Louise Cutting had an interesting pair of One-Seams on her rack in Atlanta...three layers of (silk) chiffon, in highly contrasting colors. It wasn't reversible, and when I asked her about it she said that two layers of chiffon were transparent, but three weren't, and the varying colors were for the moire effect. I think I'm going to try to make a reversible pair, with the black in the middle. At $1.49/yd, it's worth a try, no?

The next set is the fancy stuff (well, sort of fancy). A big piece (over 5 yards) of deep red acetate slinky. The good stuff. I have two or three ideas for it...and, if I cut creatively, I may get all of them ;). Then a piece of printed blue cotton or cotton/poly oxford...a nice piece for a wearable muslin. The next one is heavy grey rayon-looking lace...a yard and three quarters, 36" wide. Not sure what I'll do with it yet...but it's gorgeous. Finally, a piece of black/burgundy brocade, the only piece from the whole haul that cost more than $2/yd before tax. It was $2.99.

But the cream of the haul was the knits! Such lovely, trendy poly/lycra matte jerseys...the likes of which I've seen several places on the 'net for anywhere from $8 - $18/yd. These were $1.49. A DOLLAR FORTY-NINE!!!! I kept pulling out pieces...Miss A pulled out pieces (I need to study her self-restraint; I think she only got 2 lengths).... For some reason, I kept hearing Gorgeous' Things in my head saying 'Oh, Kittens!' as I pulled out one after another. In the end, I got six pieces, ranging from 2 3/4 yards to 3 5/8 yards. I'll probably make some things for the DD's from this...not just me. But I will get at least ONE Vogue wrap dress from this! ;)

I did get one piece of, for the green upholstery jacket. Most of it felt pretty yucky.

I know, I know, I dug myself into a real hole that I'm going to have to work really hard to climb out of by the end of the year, but oh, was it fun!


  1. such a Haul! Awesome Lisa. and the knits..tdf at $1.49??? Do they have any left? ;) Seriously?

  2. Yeah, Marji, there were cuts of all the knits I got except the black on turquoise abstract still on the table when I left. There may have been another cut of that one, but I didn't see it.

    And you should've seen the glam fabric they had for 2.99 -3.99 yard (they apparently bought out a New York fabric showroom; that's what the signs said, anyway). All in all, I exercised Great Restraint to only come home w/50 ish yards ;)

  3. Oh Wow! What a haul! I love it - especially the knit with the red/black/grey rectangles in the last picture. Good for you!