Sunday, October 14, 2007

Choir Sunday #7

This month's colors: Black with tan or orange.

Jacket: Loes Hinse's Bistro Jacket, from black poly herringbone weave suiting
Top: Jalie 2005 T-shirt from very nice printed cotton/lyrca knit from Emma One Sock
Pants: Loes Hinse's Oxford Pant, morphed with the zipper application from the European Pant, made from the same fabric as the jacket.


  1. I love the silhouette this outfit makes in combination with your new haircut! You look wonderful! I just bought the Bistro pattern and the Oxford pattern. Seeing it on you makes me want to sew this up first when I get back to sewing.

  2. This looks so pretty on you! The Oxford looks like crap on me, but wow those are some nice pants on you!! :P

  3. Yeah, the Oxfords are my favorite 'instant gratification' pants ;). It's funny...the Euros didn't work on me at all. I've learned a bit more about pants fitting; I need to go back and tweak the front crotch length just a pinch to get them dead perfect.

    Until I gain/lose weight :rolleyes: