Friday, February 02, 2007

Gift Bags are DONE!

I told myself I couldn't post today until they were finished; I had to really coax the sewing machine to go through those last few bulky steps, since that stripe fabric is a bit textured and lumpy (the white stripes are woven with bulkier yarns than the blue stripes) and it took a LOT longer than I expected. But they are done...and I can surprise the rest of my friends this weekend with their long-overdue appreciation gifts. Won't that be fun!

I'll write a review of the pattern later today...right now, I'm rushing to get DS2 out the door for a winter camp-out (Brrr! Not *MY* idea of a good time...)


  1. Hi,
    I'm a lurker who reads your blog everyday. Its great and keeps me motivated. I think your bags are really nice. I'll have to make some up for spring.

  2. Thanks for introducing yourself, Maureen! It's cool to see who's stopping by!