Monday, February 03, 2020

Finally....The final 2019 Wardrobe Outfit

January ended up being almost as busy as December...and then I got sick, lol, and didn't feel like doing anything.

I waffled over what to do.  Should I finish?  Call it good after November?  What?

Well, I DID order some black stretch velvet in December...and I HAVE wanted some stretch velvet palazzo pants for I thought, hey, it's worth pushing through and doing this.

So I modified a TNT pull on pants pattern  a little (New Look 6203) and created, rather slowly over about three weeks, a pair of drapey stretch velvet pants.  But the question was...what do I do to make a dressy outfit with it?

I thought a minute...My Sweet Babboo and I have nice reservations for dinner on Valentine's Day at one of our favorite get away spots.  What if I planned my dressy outfit around Valentine's Day since I'd clearly missed Christmas?


I looked through the clothes in the closet and added another outfit to the wardrobe.  When I was putting the pictures together, I realized I made a boo-boo with the  color palette.


I thought a minute and then decided  I 'd live with it, lol.  It works for Valentine's day.    For what it's worth, Here're the outfits Janice posted for December.   Six dressy winter outfits, with a skirt (or velvet pants) a sweater (or a velvet tunic), earrings, bracelet, a small bag and dress shoes.  I am not hitting that 100%, but I think it will work.

The silver top is the boo-boo; I don't have any gray in my palette.  The gray in the scarf is more of a taupe-y gray and is really hard to match.  I didn't realize that until I put it on the slide with the scarf.  I really didn't want to just wear a black column; partly because  I didn't have a suitable black top to use.  But I looked again at the top and realized it was metallic, not really gray, and I have LOTS of silver jewelry for it to coordinate with; if I call it silver and not kind of works, lol.  So I am fudging it in (I will admit to being shocked to see that I'd made it in 2013).  You will notice I have three garments instead of just two, but the silver knit is 1) sleeveless and 2) very light and floaty.  It needs some help to be worn in the winter.  So...I added a cardigan.  The red jacket is the same pattern as the blue one I made for the first outfit in January, McCalls 6844.  The fabric was originally a much more orange-y shade of red; I overdyed it to a pretty garnet shade and made the jacket and a pull on skirt about 3 years ago.  I think.

I changed the accessory choices, too.  I should have a bracelet, but it really wouldn't show under the long sleeves of the cardi, so I pulled out a heart necklace on a short chain that will sit above the drapey neckline.  It doesn't hurt that it was a Christmas gift from My Sweet Babboo a couple of years ago.  All in all..perfect for Valentine's day.  The garnet earrings I actually bought from Novica back in February last year, thinking I'd use them for the February outfit...and then I went with a royal blue scarf and they didn't work.  They'll do nicely here.  A wallet-on-a-strap is a quick little bag for going out; that came from, of all places, the Hallmark store.  I've been using it as a wallet for several months now, but it's also easy to pull out of my larger bag and throw over my shoulder for a quick trip.

The shoe saga may be at an end...maybe.  I can't begin to tell you how many pairs of variations on black pumps I ordered from Zappos and sent back because they pinched my toes.  I finally went with the more pricey offerings ('Elaine' by SAS) up a half size from normal, in a double wide.  And they still pinch my toes a little.  But I am thinking they will be tolerable for short events that require dress pumps.  At the moment, they are in the closet...but I still have the packaging should I change my mind before I actually wear them out of the house.  I have about 9 more months to ponder them, lol.  We'll see if they actually make the cut and stay.

So,  here's what I ended up with after the final outfit (everything but the heavy black overcoat):

I will likely do one more post on the 2019 Wardrobe, kind of a look at how practical this exercise has been, what I learned by doing it and what I will carry forward.'s done! LOL.

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  1. Great well done for following through. Hope you love and wear your pieces.