Thursday, December 05, 2013

A festive top...

from Vogue 8669; I had a gift card from Hancock's, a dress-up party to attend, and about an 15 minute increments over about 4 sew up something to sparkle.

Found a very interesting lame-knit; it appears to be silver lame' printed on navy blue knit.  I saw it and immediately thought of a cowl-neck shell top.

So I brought it home, pulled out the above-mentioned pattern and, per my last iteration, copied the front pattern piece and proceeded to whack and spread and pivot my way to a full bust adjustment.  It was kinda needed on the earlier tops, but this knit did not have as much stretch as the earlier ones so I knew it would be necessary on this.

I loved the flow and sparkle of the fabric until...some point in the process I looked at it puddled up on the sewing table and saw...a pan of Jiffy -pop popcorn...


 My elegant sparkly top became a kitschy wear-with-tongue-in-cheek kinda garment.

Oh, well.

I wore it anyway.

And will probably wear it again.

'Cause it is kinda fun...


  1. I think it's very elegant, and perfectly fitted as well! Enjoy wearing it and forget about Jiffy popcorn. (I don't know where THAT came from - lol!)

  2. hmmm - interesting about the jiffy pop, and I know how once you get something in your head it just won't go away. The top looks fabulous! Enjoy wearing it. g