Sunday, April 02, 2017

Choir Wardrobe 04.02.17

 I know, I know, I missed last week's post.  But cut me some slack; My Sweet Babboo and I actually went on a (gasp) VACATION.  To a place we'd never been before, where we had NO RELATIVES LIVING.

Those time share points we were awarded as a bonus for drinking the kool-aid, er, purchasing a time-share were about to expire, so we kinda backed ourselves into using them up.  And, as it was spring break season, most of the resorts within a day's drive were booked.

But we managed to get 5 nights at Myrtle Beach.  We left after church last Sunday and got back home around 7:30 last night.

So I didn't post a photo of last week's choir wardrobe...but it doesn't really matter, I didn't get any more sewing done so it was a repeat of something I'd worn earlier in the month.

But, being gone all week also meant I didn't get any sewing done for April's colors, either.

April colors are black and mauve.  We were asked to chose something within a 'range' of mauves...the samples posted on our facebook page range from what looks identical to the 'Lavender Herb' color we wore last year, through a kind of dusky lilac to a muted raspberry.  None of which would be a color I call 'mauve'.  So I went really safe today with a black-on-black-on-black, and a fringy polyester burnout scarf in what looked to be close to the lighter color samples on the FB page.

Black poly Loes Hinse Bistro Jacket, black knit  sleevless Jalie 2682 top and RTW black denims.

And, lo and behold, the bulk of the 'mauve' on stage was a dusty pink that, to my eye, looked nothing much like the colors on the FB page.

Maybe my monitor is out of adjustment?

But, that does mean that the dusty pink New Look top that's been a UFO for forEVER will do nicely, and a kind of dusty pink-retro 80's silk jacquard in the stash might work well also.

'Cause, you know, this is Easter month, which means extra services, and it also has 5 Sundays.  Imma gonna be wearing a lot of this.

But, I'm still working hard on the Master's class.  I took the textbook for class number eleven...the next-to-last one...with me and got it almost completely read.  I should finish the work on it this week.  Which will give me about 3 weeks to do the last class if I want to meet my self-imposed target of finishing by the end of April.

And, of course, I have something on the calendar Every. Single. Night. this week.  Nothing like hitting the ground running after vacation.  So I'm going to be doing really well to finish the last assignments for class number eleven.

IOW, I may wear all black with my kinda-sorta-right-scarf again next week, LOL.  We'll see.

But here's a photo of sunrise on the beach last Wednesday (we had not walked on a beach together since 1989...we were DUE), just to share a Happy Place:


  1. What a great way to spend a week...glad you will be motivated to work on some of your WIPs, as time allows. And if it is all black all the time that works too. Always nice to hear about what you are up to. Fighting jealousy over the beach picture- I used to live near a Florida beach but am now land locked in NJ. God has a plan, and I am not asking for the why, but what a beautiful beach photo!

    1. I don't think I could live on the beach...but it is a wonderful place to relax. Hopefully it won't be another 27 1/2 years before we go back. :-)