Sunday, March 19, 2017

Puttin' on the Glitz...

Well, for the second month in the last 8, we're wearing black and metallic gold for choir.

The first go round, I bought one RTW t-shirt, which was not entirely successful, and otherwise made do with a few oddball things I had about. But when it came 'round again, I thought, 'Ok, I guess I need to put some gold stuff in the closet'.  So I ordered a couple of pieces from fabricdotcom.

When the box arrived and I opened it, I had to grab the sunglasses.  There was some serious glitz there.

And, after as much dithering as I could allow myself, I made the serious glitz up into McCall's 6884, the short peplum view.  I've made that cardi 4 times now -- two with the peplum and two of the longer straight cut -- but still haven't reviewed it.

It's still serious glitz.

Worn with a RTW sweater shell and RPL ponte knit Loes Hinse Oxfords.

I think I need to tack down the reverse bits; the whole collar assembly wanted to flip to the outside, which exposes the seam.  Not a good look.

I didn't do a single-layer cutting layout;  the knit is not pricey and the jacket is basically stage wear and I didn't have much time.  So the zigs could've met up with the zags much better in a couple of places.  It's a foil printed scuba knit which was much more comfortable to wear than I had anticipated (I really expected it to be icky and clammy and plasticy, but it wasn't).  Still...this is not likely to be worn much outside of choir.  I'm not that blingy in real life. ;-)

I actually did something I HATE doing...I pulled the thread off the machines for the WIP white blouse and bagged it up before it was done.  So the white blouse is still going to be on the UFO list for a while longer.  I need to sew up some of the other pieces of fabric that have arrived already this year.  I'll get to the white blouse...eventually...


  1. Kudos for getting thru this! I bet it was fun to wear. Did anyone else in the group go all the way glitz like you did?

    1. LOL... I think I won the bling award this week. There were a couple of other sparklies but they were the bottom layer instead of the top. I got several comments...and everyone wanted to touch the fabric...