Sunday, April 09, 2017

Choir Wardrobe 04.09.17's the Vogue 9057 top that is fresh off the sewing machine as of 10 PM last night...which is something, considering the flat fabric arrived on my doorstep about 2 PM yesterday afternoon.    The color is terrible to photograph...a pearly dusky pink.  Which is pretty much the standard interpretation of 'mauve'.  But it looks washed out beige in about every photo.  Worn with the Burda vest that I wear All. The. Time. and the pin stripe tropical wool modified Oxfords from last year's SWAP collection.  Interesting thing about those stripes...I think they're tan and gray, but, being only two threads wide, they can read as other colors...including mauve and lavender.

That same box contained 2 yards of  a mauve-ish lace yardage as well, but it was something of a disappointment.  The color is perfect and the pattern is lovely's very stiff, being embroidered/couched on fine nylon net.  I had rather anticipated some drapey lace and had something in particular in mind.  But it's not at all drapey.  Whatever I do with's going to be kinda like wearing denim, as it's about that stiff.  And there are odd spots in it here and there where the filler in the cording shows through...and it's a kind of odd, oh,  greasy-sewing-machine-lint color.  I may be able to satin stitch over it and cover it up, but it's rather annoying.  Why did they use such a yucky filler for the cording?

But it is pretty at a distance, anyway.  I thought about making a denim-style jacket out of it , but I really don't have time for anything that involved. I'd like a long vest, but I'm not sure if it will hang or stand, if you know what I mean.

My own personal sewing challenge...make something I can wear by Friday this week.    So it's gotta be ridiculously quick.



  1. Peggy Sagers suggests using Coke to soften denim and any other fabric. Maybe try a piece treated with it to see if it softens at all... and great job getting something other than black for this mornings services. Stunning turn-around time!

    1. That's an idea, but 1) this isn't a natural fabric like denim or linen (which I've also heard can be softened w/ coke)...I'd be really surprised if that nylon mesh (which is pretty plasticy, really) softened any at all... and 2) It's pretty fragile... there are already places where the thread has come unwrapped from the cording core, so I think I need to treat it pretty gently. I've thought about making a kind of structured unlined jacket, but I'm afraid it would look too bed-jacket-y. Really, really wish I had time to do a denim-jacket pattern with it; I think that would be really cool. But I don't think I've got time...

  2. No ideas pop into my head for stiff but fragile lace. To avoid it being blocky it's going to have to have seaming to fit to the body so some sort of princess seam jacket sounds good. In the short term do you have anything else suitable in the stash even for a scarf?

  3. Could you just appliqué portions of this onto a white or cream color sweater or vest? Color without structure....? I do love watching problem solving, when it isn't my own

  4. I found a Butterick pattern from several years ago that I'm going to give a go....did a bit of work on the alterations today but I'll need to get on it and finish it tomorrow. Made a bead necklace with the right I've got something I can put with black, lol....