Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lawd have mercy, it's been a month....

This may be the longest I've ever gone without a post.

Holidays, a social media fast and a conference...just plain busyness...and, consequently, no sewing.

I need to do my '2016 round up', but, in all honesty, I have  a few days at least before I have to update 2017 stats so I'm not going to stress about it now.

We didn't have choir on the 1st (being a holiday) or the 15th (being the final Sunday of our leadership conference weekend and the platform was not reset), so I only have one 'Choir Wardrobe' photo for the year so far...which we took on the appropriate day but, being on the social media fast I didn't post it.  Just for i dotting and t crossing, here it is...about a week and a half after the fact...

January choir colors are my favorite royal blue, black and gray; wearing one of my favorite tops; Sewing Workshop's Chopin Blouse done up in striped silk duppioni from Textile Fabrics in Nashville and made, oh, eight years ago.  I finally lost a little bit of weight so I can wear it again; I *think* I'm wearing the Helix pants with it, but, well, it's been a week and a half and I'm not sure now.  But it looks like the Helix.

I did make one final fabric purchase at the end of the year; I caught Ann's moving sale and got a piece of yummy sweater knit for a duster coat.  And promptly went into the paralysis of analysis, trying to determine exactly what pattern would be PERFECT for said yummy fabric. 

It may just be a matter of picking the best of what I have...which is probably going to be a Kwik Sew sweater coat I've made a couple of times, modified slightly.  Stay tuned.

I'm still debating the SWAP this year.  I'm not sure my wardrobe needs fit quite into the specifics for this year, although I do need clothes.  It's that eight-pattern limit that 's killing me; I want about 3 jackets but they'd all be different patterns.  Plus at least two different pant styles and maybe a skirt.  That would only leave two patterns for tops.  More ruminating is due there, I think.

I have a couple of UFO blouses, cut out several months...maybe even over a year...ago that havejust been sitting in the bin.  Plus my sewing nook is so overdue for a cleanout it's not even funny...kinda scary...and it's putting a crimp in the sewing enthusiasm.

Anyway...Happy New Year! LOL.  I hope to get back in the groove before long. 


  1. Long time lurker here...one of my resolutions is to start commenting, to take just a little time to thank writers for their sharing...good to see you posting again. Since SWAP isn't the only sewing you are likely to do, consider what you can make that fits the plan and if a few additions puts you in the ballpark, or I'd alter-swap is better for you this year.

    1. Oh, yay! So nice to hear from a new person! Some years I go for the plan...some years, well, I just do what I can. I'm kinda thinking I'm going to be working in 'Fours', after the Vivian Files' Core 4 plan, and I don't know if I can make that fit the SWAP requirements or not. But I haven't really seriously sat down to plan anything yet, so we'll see.
      Good work on that resolution! ;-)

  2. Welcome back, my posting has also been sporadic.