Sunday, December 18, 2016, Not Choir...Wardrobe 12.18.16

Friday morning, I got a text message, wanting to know if My Sweet Babboo and I would be willing to join another couple in donning Dickens costumes and singing Christmas Carols before each service today.

Are Christmas Cookies yummy?

You can't see it, but we have a horse and sleigh just to our left; it was a kinda serendipitous acquisition and was used for photo ops all morning.

We barely had time to pull the costumes...they have been moved since we last used them...and practice a half dozen or so carols in a key such that we could all sing melody.  Just not enough time for us contemporary worship folks to learn traditional four part harmony.
(photo credit Diane O.)

Of course, that meant we had to miss participating in the choir; we sang for latecomers through the first song of the worship set.

The Flute Player joined us; she's in the middle, in a skirt I made for her when she was in the 8th grade for a school production of A Christmas Carol.  We were both surprised that it wasn't too short for her; she must've worn some heels on her boots in 8th grade!  My gray cape is 30 years old...I bought it when I was in my last trimester with our firstborn.  It's been worn several times now as a pseudo-dickens cloak.

The funny thing is that I actually bought fabric to make Dickens costumes for myself and My Sweet Babboo, back in, like, June, thinking we were going to do a production this year.  HOWever, we were presented instead with the opportunity to purchase a retired high school to renovate into a facility that will alleviate our uber-crowdedness so any possibility of doing a major production this year totally evaporated and I didn't bother to make the costumes.

Friday afternoon, I was *really* wishing I'd just gone ahead and sewn them up.  But we managed to find enough costumes in church storage to outfit our crew.

The high school has a 750-seat professional-grade theater, with 12 drops in the flies, which was new in, like, 2002.  It's not even going to need much more than a spruce up with paint and it's ready for action.  I'm thinking I need to get on those costumes soon after the new year...because this is definitely the shadow of Christmas Yet To Come...


  1. So much more fun than the traditional four part harmony Chur h choir I'm in. We wear black with a red scarf every time. The men dark suits, white shirt, red tie.