Sunday, January 29, 2017

Choir Wardrobe 01.29/17

January colors:  black, gray and royal blue.  Black Jalie 2682, from the 2016 SWAP, black wool gabardine Loes Hinse Oxford Pants and a wool flannel Silhouette Patterns Robin's Jacket.  February will be black and white..and maybe a splash of red sometime around the 14th...

I really have been struggling to get into the sewing room.  I've got a white shirt that's been cut out for over a year, that I really need, and I'm working on it in about 20 minute increments...when I get a chance at all.

And, with  no sales or nothin', I ordered some more of that fabulous Telio doubleknit that I used to make the mustard yellow Helix pants last fall.  In  more wardrobe-friendly colors of black and navy.

I may or may not have ordered a little more fabric to make the journey with them.  Tracking says it will arrive tomorrow.

It may figure into the SWAP...if I can manage to do a SWAP, lol.

We'll see if I can do better at 'sew everything I buy' this year than I did last year...

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