Saturday, January 18, 2014

How Brave Am I?

After realizing I didn't have the black denim that I *thought* I had, I went back to the original inspiration photo of the Common Core Wardrobe and looked at it very hard.

I asked myself questions like 'What do you really want out of a SWAP? What is the real goal here?'

And I realized that I really, really wanted a Core Wardrobe.

With the possible secondary aim of developing a TNT shirt pattern.

Using patterns/fabric I've been intending to sew but hadn't got around to it yet kinda figured in as well.

But the number one goal is...basic neutral wardrobe.

So as I thought about that I realized that I probably was going to have to axe the tweed jacket.  As much as I love the fabric, it is not part of the basic wardrobe.

Likewise the gray stripe pants.

Basic, Lisa.  Those things will be great add-ons, but for now...basic.

And, as I thought, I remembered a project that has been bagged up since 2007.  Fabric, pattern (which HAS been traced but not fitted), buttons...

It's a taupey gray wool gab trench coat..  I promised myself I would make it in 2007, but all I got done was tracing the pattern.  Then I suddenly wasn't sure I liked that pattern and...well, I broke my promise.

But a taupey gray wool gab trench coat is very basic.  And it works with the rest of the wardrobe.

But, wow.  Can I do something that involved and still finish the rest of the SWAP by the due date?

I'm'a gonna need to make up my mind really soon...time is ticking away...

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  1. I knew your fabric stash would provide the answer. Now perhaps you will find a pattern you like better ! Good luck. I admire everyone who enters the swap . It is a major commitment.