Friday, January 17, 2014

When Black Isn't Really Black

I've been pulling fabrics from the stash (and ordered a couple of knits, to get the right shade of gray...) and thought I was well on the way to getting started with the SWAP sewing.

One of the key elements of my really basic wardrobe swap is a black denim jacket.

Or was, anyway.  I pulled the 'black' denim from the bin today and laid it on top of the other black fabrics in the plan and saw that it is really a deep blue.  Not black at all.

Oh, I'm pretty sure it was listed as black on the website from which I ordered it, and it looked black enough when I pre-washed it and put it in the bin with my other denim fabric, but when in direct contact with truly black fabric, it has a definite blue cast to it.  And of course, the point is to wear it with the black fabrics in the SWAP plan.

So now I'm kinda stuck.  I have some very dark charcoal gray poly/cotton/lycra twill in the stash that might substitute, but it doesn't really feel denimy and it is heavier than the denim.  The point of the denim jacket was to have a wear-in-arctic-air-conditioning in the summer jacket.

So now I have some decisions to make and some re-planning to do...rats...


  1. Can you over dye the piece with black?

    Blessings- Linda

    1. Possibly...but I woke up this morning with a new idea that, if I'm brave enough, will fill that spot in the SWAP...