Tuesday, January 07, 2014

2013 Stats

Well, if it's time to add new stuff for this  year, maybe I'd better record last year's stats:

Fabric In: 81.5 yds
Fabric Out: 39.75 yds
Last fabric purchase: 11/27/13
Garments made for me: 12
Accessories: 2
Garments made for other family members: 1
Home Dec Items: 1
Miscellaneous Church sewing:
5 mantles/stoles for Girls Only pins
2 tote bags; plus fabric out for 4 the girls made
School Costuming:Handful of alterations for 'Mousetrap',
Poppies for 'The Wiz' - 6 skirts
1 dress refashion
Misc. repairs and alterations
Charity Sewing:4 Pillowcases

All in all, pretty dismal.  I'd feel less guilty about the lack of sewing if I had not purchased something close to 40 yards more than I sewed.  And it's not like I went horridly overboard...it averaged to about 3 pieces of fabric a month for the year.  Not crazy, but...  I'm running out of storage which IS crazy and it's got to stop.   Another reason to sew the good stuff..

Which means I have even more egg on face, because I have to own up to the first 'fabric in' batch of the year, three fabrics from Gorgeous Fabric's year end sale...
My rationale was that I wanted some shirt-weight denim or chambray with the thought that it could be used in the 2014 SWAP, should I decide to participate..and the blue/white pinpoint cotton would make a very nice shirt, as would the 3 oz denim-lycra on the right.  The dogwood  print is a fanTAStic cotton sateen, which I probably would not have ordered, except that earlier last year I ordered 2 yards of the matching silk chiffon.  I saw a summer sheath dress, with a matching scarf, and it was in the cart.

So, that's 6 5/8 yards to start off the year.  And the Flute Player, remembering the rough academic year we had last year, opted to withdraw from the musical so as to not overload herself.  So, while I could end up helping in the costuming a bit, I will not be obligated to spend weeks sewing.

The SWAP actually looks to be a possibility for this year. A very definite possibility...

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