Saturday, September 15, 2007

Good Intentions Kick Start

Because I am in desperate need of a good trench coat (which is good for most of the winter here in North Alabama), and I look horrid in the yellowy-brown khaki color from which most RTW trenches in my price range are fabricated, I bought Simplicity 4084 sometime last spring. And promptly forgot about it.

It was *after* I'd spotted a wonderful taupe wool gabardine on the sale table at Hancock's that I remembered I had that pattern waiting for the perfect fabric. So I took a deep breath and committed myself to sewing the coat by buying the fabric. I also made myself buy a quality heavy rayon lining from the high-class indy fabric store in Nashville. Because I AM GOING TO MAKE THAT COAT THIS FALL.

But the whole coat...pattern, lining, fabric, buttons, thread, etc, was just sitting in the Hancock's bag, waiting for me to dig through all the WIPs first. What, really, were its chances?

Then Eme started The Great Trench Coat Sew Along on the Patternreview boards and I realized that could provide the accountability I needed to actually get going on the coat. So, I joined up, emptied the Hancock's bag and took a photo (the colors are off a little; the wool is more taupe than gray and the lining matches better IRL than it does in the photo):

Then, even though I plan to dry-clean the coat, I soaked the fabric and the lining in warm water and hung the wool to dry; the lining went in the dryer. (Don't you *love* the smell of wet wool? 4 yards was too much to do the wrap-in-a-sheet thing).

So, today I have promised myself that I will trace/adjust the pattern. Which means I have to DECIDE which view I want. My heart wants the double-breasted version, but I don't think I have enough buttons for that (I bought all of that style on the hook).

Given the fact that I've got so much on the plate, it may not get cut out for another three weeks. But at least I will have taken the first steps!


  1. Good luck Lisa! I can't wait to see you modeling the finished version!

  2. This is such a good investment for you, considering your climate. It will be worth waiting for and making the time for it.

  3. You are very brave to take on this project. I know it will turn out great. I'll be watching for updates of how you do it. Good luck!